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Amtrak Ethan Allen Express Train to Rutland - Killington

AMTRAK - Rail Service – 800-872-7245 – WWW.AMTRAK.COM


There are six Amtrak locations that we (Gramps' Shuttle) serve on a Reservation basis they include:

  • Amtrak to Albany NY - 115 miles/ 2.5 hours driving time (groups coming from the west)
  • Amtrak to Bellows Falls - Groups normally going to Okemo
  • Amtrak to Brattleboro - Groups going to Stratton/Bromley Mountain
  • Amtrak to Rutland VT - 20 Miles/30min (Vacationers preferred location)
  • Amtrak to White River JCT - 45 miles/1 hour
  • Amtrak to Whitehall NY - 55 miles/1 hour 15Min (normal those passenger coming from/going to Montreal, Canada).

Please call 802-558-1543 to get a quote for Gramps' Shuttle from Albany, White River or White Hall NY.

  • Amtrak to Rutland VT - is the most popular route to Killington. The Amtrak Train Station is about 20 miles on the average to Killington, VT. Daily Rutland Train availability (There is 1 daily trains – inbound/outbound each day – The round trip cost range for a train ticket from New York City is in the $150.00 price range.

  • Amtrak Outbound trains leave Rutland, Vt. in the morning at 8:05am Tuesday through Friday, and 10:45am on Saturday and Monday, and 5:15pm on Sunday Arriving Sunday night around 11:00pm New York city.

  • Amtrak Inbound trains to Rutland, VT arrive at 8:05PM Saturday through Thursday and 11:05pm on Friday night. The train leaves New York City on Friday around 5:15PM and 2:45 Saturday through Thursday.

Prepaid Reservation is your best option 802-558-1543. We take Master or VISA card. Families of 3 or more or children under six years of age, please call 802-558-1543 for car seat requirements, availability and quote.

*For those round trip customers who wish to Ski on their last day with no hassle:

For an additional $10 per person, we will assist you with:

  • Early Morning Check Out from your home or Condo (before 9am)
  • We will transfer you to the slopes
  • Store your luggage.
  • Pick you up from the SKI area for your ground transfer to Amtrak on Sunday at 3pm.

Also, dedicated/Non shared Rides are possible from/to the train station to any location with in 70 miles, please call 802-558-1543 for availability and cost quote.


NEW AMTRAK-   E TICKET    (This is great news for AMTRAK CUSTOMERS)  

Amtrak has rolled out new e-ticketing nationwide.  No more will you need to buy your ticket from a conductor or have it sent to you.  With the new system, you can just print out your ticket at home or show the conductor your phone with the e-mail from Amtrak and you are all set.

Here's how it works:

1. Purchase your eticket, either on the web (, by phone (1-800-USA-RAIL) or on the amtrak smartphone app.  Your barcode will be e-mailed to you.

2. Print your barcode anywhere and bring it with you.  If you smartphone can open a pdf, you can simply present the conductor the barcode on the screen without printing it.  If you loose it, you can print it again.

The new system enables a number of beneifts.  The principal one is there is no need to fuss over obtaining a physical ticket in advance and if your plans change, you can make changes over the phone or one the web without needing to worry about returning the physical ticket. 

There is one caution you need to know about: Do not no-show.  The new policy is that your entire reservation will be canceled if you no-show.  Including connecting trains and your return trip.  That means if your plans change for any reason call Amtrak and get that change reflected in your reservation.

What means no-showing?  Anything that causes your ticket not to be collected after the train is on it's way out of the station that you are booked from.  If you miss the train, call Amtrak.  If you decide to get on at a station further down the line, call Amtrak.  And make sure you aren't in the bathroom or something when the conductor comes around so you make sure you get counted.

The reason for this new policy is that now, thanks to electronic ticket collection, Amtrak can keep track in real time if a seat that had been sold is now empty -- so it can resell the seat to passengers that might board at stations further down the line.  This is good -- there is no sense denying passage to people when you have empty seats that have been made available.

It is still possible to purchase tickets from Amtrak stations, travel agencies and from the conductor if you want to use cash or have some other special circumstance.  You still need to make an advance reservation (say "agent" on the phone and make arrangements with the person who answers.)

Unlike before, you will now have a single bar code for the entire reservation, whether it's a simple one way, round trip or multi-segment.

If you have a previously issued paper ticket, it remains valid for travel.


Amtrak ADVANCE RESERVATIONS: Gramps' Shuttle 802-558-1543

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